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  • COVID-19: Temporary Closure


    As we seek clarity on Government advice in relation to COVID-19, in the interest of the health and safety of all our valued staff, customers and supply chain members, we are temporarily closing all Ramko operations from Thursday the 26th of March 2020 for an approximate period of 3 weeks, with the intention of reopening on Monday 20th April 2020.

    We will continue to monitor this ever-changing situation and would ask for your understanding in these difficult and unprecedented times. Our management team will continue to update, where possible, if there are any changes.

    We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for your continued support and wish you and your families continued good health.

  • The UK has left the EU – How will this affect Cylinder purchases?



    So, it’s happened, the UK left the EU on 31st January 2020.


    This is a concerning time for many as the new rules and regulations regarding trade are still to be confirmed in the transition period which will end 31st of December 2020.

    We have several customers calling to ask if there would be new tariffs or charges applied if they purchase cylinders from us now. Please rest assured that as yet nothing has changed, all deliveries can take place as before without any taxes.

    We haven’t had any information on what the new regulation framework regarding trade between Northern Ireland, ROI and GB will look like yet, but as we get this information, we will do everything in our power to minimise disruption to our deliveries to GB and ROI.

    Unfortunately, it is likely at some point changes will be agreed. Even when agreed these changes will not take effect until after 31st December. Ramko will communicate all changes to customers before this date, ensuring there are no nasty surprises come the New Year.

    So, as of now nothing has changed. We are still able to trade freely across these islands and hopefully this situation will not change too much.


    If you have any questions or concerns regarding future trading regulations please do not hesitate to contact us and we will answer to the best of our ability.


  • CNC Machining at Ramko Hydraulics

    Happy New Year everyone!


    Hopefully 2020 has been good to you so far. It has been all go since the start of the year at Ramko, cylinders are flying out the door so thank you for your continued support.

    But do you know Ramko make more than just cylinders?

    ramko1       ramko2


    We have a dedicated CNC machining department turning out thousands of machined parts on a weekly basis. Bushes, pins, pistons and more. If you need it our Doosan CNC lathes can make it.


    ramko3         ramko4




    If you are looking for exceptional quality CNC machining at a highly competitive price, contact us and our sales team will discuss your CNC machining needs.

  • Happy Christmas from the team at Ramko Hydraulics!



    This year in lieu of gifts, Ramko Hydraulics have made a donation to the Simon Community.


    We will be closed for the Christmas Holidays from Friday 20th December and will reopen on Monday 6th January. 


    We would like to wish all our customers a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!


    Click here for some high quality cylinders and brilliant Christmas Special offers.


  • Season's Greetings (and Discounts!) from Ramko Hydraulics










    Jingle Bells…Jingle Bells…. It’s almost that time of year again, the most wonderful time of the year!

    To celebrate the upcoming Christmas Holiday Season we have not one, but two popular cylinders with huge discounts for December:

    First up, we have our ever popular 6040500 cylinder – a great mid-size cylinder from our range, very versatile with plenty of power.












    Some technical data for the 6040500 Hydraulic Cylinder...


    Bore 60mm
    Rod 40mm
    Stroke 500mm
    Pin Hole 26
    Eye Length 50mm
    Port Size 3/8" BSP
    Closed Centre 670mm
    Push Power 5.9T / 5900KG at 3000 PSI/210 Bar
    Pull Power 3.3T / 3300KG at 3000 PSI/210 Bar


    However, if you need something with a bit more punch, then the 8.2 ton push power of our 7040600 cylinder could be what you need.






    Some technical data for the 7040600 Hydraulic Cylinder...


    Bore             70mm
    Rod             40mm
    Stroke             600mm
    Pin Hole             26
    Eye Length             50mm
    Port Size             3/8" BSP
    Closed Centre             770mm
    Push Power             8.2T / 8200KG at 3000 PSI/210 Bar
    Pull Power             5.5T / 5500KG at 3000 PSI/210 Bar


    And now for the best bit - the festive special offers for these two cylinders!

    • Order 1-4 cylinders get 15% off
    • Order 5-9 cylinders get 20% off
    • Order 10+ cylinders get 25% off


    So if you have Hydraulic Cylinders on your Christmas list this year, click on the link to our website for some high quality cylinders and brilliant Christmas Special offers.










  • Happy Halloween from everyone at Ramko Hydraulics!


    It’s that spooky time of year again... dark nights, cold days, and those malevolent spirits causing all kinds of trouble.



    Have the witches been hexing your cylinders?


    The ghouls turning chrome rods to rust?


    Are the goblins nibbling at the seals?


    Have werewolves been scraping and scratching the chrome?


    Are you hearing worrying creaks & groans?


    Not to worry – Ramko have a range of cylinders available off the shelf so no matter what damage the Halloween Horrors have wreaked on your cylinders, we can offer a quick service and high-quality replacement to get your machine up and running again.



    View our range of cylinders.


    Autumn Break

    To prepare ourselves for the influx of orders expected after the damage inflicted by those troublesome specters we will be taking a short break.

    For our Autumn break, we will be closed from 5.30pm on Thursday 31st of October and will reopen 8am Monday 4th November.




  • Not all rods are created equally...

    Selecting the right rod for your hydraulic cylinder application


    Here at Ramko we are committed to producing long lasting, high quality cylinders. There are various aspects of the cylinder we can look at to improve the life of our cylinders, but one of the most important parts in maintaining longevity is the corrosion resistance of the cylinder rod. Corrosion of the cylinder rod can cause several serious issues, the most common being leakages due to oil passing the seals or damage to the seals themselves.

    hyraulic cyclinder rod

    The most commonly used form of corrosion protection on cylinder rods is hard chrome plating. Chrome plating is used to reduce friction, improve durability through abrasion tolerance and provide rust resistance. Chrome plating is a highly effective protection in normal, everyday environments and at Ramko we always use the highest grade of chrome plating available, however, there are limits to the amount of protection this type of surface treatment can provide.


    Chromium has low tensile strength which leads to the development of micro cracks in the layer.  In environments where there is high levels of corrosive elements or increased potential for mechanical damage these micro cracks can lead to the external environment penetrating the chromium layer resulting in corrosion. A solution to this is to combine the reduced friction of the chrome plating with other treatments or materials to provide the required level of protection.






    Nickle Rod 

    One solution is to use a rod in which the hard chrome plating is combined with an underlying layer of nickel. The tensile strength of nickel is much higher than chromium so it is better able to maintain its anti-corrosion properties in harsher environments.


    Chrome over stainless steel
    In environments and applications where there is a very high-level exposure to corrosive elements, for example marine environments, the non-corrosive attributes of chrome plated stainless steel rod will provide the best protection. As stainless steel is alloyed with chromium & nickel it displays high tensile strength and superb anti-corrosion properties which makes it particularly suitable for highly corrosive environments.


    The results of a 20 year corrosion study from a very corrosive environment - stainless steel has 9,000 times the life of carbon steel in this test.






    Induction Hardened
    If the cylinder is to be used in an application where the risk of mechanical damage is particularly high, the recommended rod treatment is induction hardening. The process of induction hardening involves the heating of steel using an electromagnetic field. This results in extremely high wear & fatigue resistance protecting the cylinder rod from external impact damage.


    Care of Chrome

    While these various types of rods provide different levels of corrosion and damage protection, they all have one thing in common – Hard chrome plating.

    There are steps you can take to protect the integrity of the chrome on your cylinder rod. We strongly advise that all hydraulic cylinders with chrome which is exposed to the elements is regularly greased to protect against corrosion. This is particularly important during machine assembly, transportation and storage. We recommend the application of an adhesive water-resistant grease on all exposed chrome.

    There may also be occasions were the chrome rod needs to be cleaned. If necessary, we recommend that nitric solvent, without chlorate, is used – the use of anything else has the potential to harm or reduce the protection of the chrome.

    At Ramko Hydraulics Ltd, our cylinders are designed with the application firmly in mind. We will advise on the optimum rod type for your application while recognising the need to keep costs at a minimum. If you require a specialized hydraulic cylinder for any application, please contact our technical team to discuss your requirements.

    Special Offers

    We promised you more amazing special offers – and we are delivering. This October we will be offering fantastic discounts on our #1 selling cylinder online, the amazingly versatile 5030200.

    - Order 1-4 cylinders get 15% off
    - Order 5-9 cylinders get 20% off
    - Order 10+ cylinders get 25% off

    This offer is available from the 1st of October and will be running for 1 month only… so don’t miss out!


  • Warm-Up This Winter with our Hydraulic Log Splitter Kits

    Leaves are falling… Autumns calling

    The days are cooler, the evenings are drawing in and it’s almost time to dig the winter woollies from the back of the wardrobe. As the seasons start to turn there is nothing better than cosying up in front of a blazing fire.

    But, as we see the effects of accelerated climate change all around the world, more than ever before, it is important we make the most eco- friendly and sustainable choices possible when heating our homes.

    There are many types of fuel available to us but it is generally recognised that wood is the best choice as a renewable source of heat. The carbon dioxide produced when burning coal and turf has been locked out of the carbon cycle for millennia, whereas the carbon dioxide produced when burning wood is already part of the carbon cycle and would be released naturally when the tree died and decomposed. So, provided the wood used comes from sustainably managed woodland, logs can be considered a carbon neutral fuel!

    Wooden logs are a great, eco-friendly fuel. But to buy logs can be pricy and the more traditional methods of chopping are, quite frankly, exhausting and time consuming (you won’t be able to enjoy the fire, you’ll be too busy chopping/sleeping)



    So why not build your own hydraulic log splitter?

    Ramko supply a range of hydraulic log splitter cylinders in kit form with hoses and control valves, everything you need to set yourself on the way to a lifetime of cheap, guilt free heat.

    Our log splitter kits range from 8 ton to 25 ton and if you require something even stronger (incase you have a giant redwood that needs taught some manners) we have previously manufactured log splitter cylinders up to 80 ton!


    Ramko Hydraulics Log Splitter                         Our 25 ton Log splitter cylinders
    kit with 16ton cylinder                                             Click here for more info
    Click here for more info

    A Ramko log splitter kit, looking very tidy in our customers fabricated frame.

    So, if a lifetime of low cost, eco-friendly fuel sounds good, contact us and we will work with you to find the right log splitter kit for you needs.

    Special Offers

    Our 6040400 Cylinders are still on special offer – but not for long, this offer ends 12th of September so get your order in while you can.
    See below for details or view offer here


  • The Next Generation at Ramko

    The Boss popped in to make sure we're all working hard!


  • National Ploughing Championships


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