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12T 3 Stage Tipping Ram 43" C/C

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Part No: 12T-3-Stage-Tipping-Ram-43


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Product Description

Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinder Ram

Ramko Hydraulic Rams supply a large range of standard single acting hydraulic cylinders. We are also manufacturers of our own range of bespoke hydraulic cylinders and rams.

Ramko Hydraulic Rams offer professional sub-contract CNC machining, plus tipping rams, trailer brake rams, cylinder supplies, accessories, hoses, kits, quick release couplings and valves.

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Technical Data

Rod 50mm
Pin Hole 31.75mm
Port Size 1/2 BSP
Closed Centre 1092mm
Open Centre 3540mm
Push Power 1st Stage
12 T / 12,000 KG at 3000 PSI/210 Bar
2nd Stage
8 T / 8,000 KG at 3000 PSI/210 Bar
3rd Stage
5 T / 5,000 KG at 3000 PSI/210 Bar
Tube o/d 120mm