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Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders – Yet Another Success Story.

Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders – Yet Another Success Story.

Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders have launched the No. 1 online source for hydraulic cylinders to the UK market The company supplies a range of Hydraulic Rams direct to the customer, ranging in size from 50mm bores up to 100mm bores, and a push power spanning from 3.8 - 16.5 tonnes. Although Ramko is a relatively new venture, many people will be familiar with their sister company Northern Hydraulics and using the 20 years experience already earned in the industry Ramko are set to go far.

“We guarantee quality standard cylinders and next day delivery for all our customers and because we allow our customers to buy in small quantities they don’t have to carry stock - saving them money.

Barry Morris, Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders.

Barry Morris, the owner of the company first approached Dungannon Enterprise Centre in 2008 with his business idea and began the Go For It Programme. He has since started his business and has been operating for over a year and a half. Barry has now progressed onto the Growth Programme and supplies nearly 500 customers.

“Barry is one of our youngest and most successful clients. He saw a niche in the market and made the jump into self employment and it has paid dividends for him,”

Esther Baird, Business Development Manager,

“At the Enterprise Centre we look at the clients individual needs and put together a Growth Action Plan. This tailored process is designed to help the development of their business run smoothly. The programme offers training and support for the clients through mentoring and workshops and creates potential for the client to become an Invest Northern Ireland client and receive funding for development”

The Growth programme offers advice that’s right for you. The programme is designed for small businesses that have reached VAT turnover and are looking to succeed in the business world, and the programme is FREE to all. Dungannon Enterprise Centre aims to help small businesses like Ramko reach their true potential, it offers all kinds of expert advice, helping you to fulfil your ambitions and take your business forward. The Enterprise Centre has experts in a number of different fields, from marketing and finance to employment law and customer care. They have the knowledge to make your business grow.

“I cannot express my thanks to the staff at the Enterprise Centre, I couldn’t have done any of this without them. They are with me every step of the way and are only ever a phone call away,” Barry Morris, “Our aim is to work closely with our customers to ensure they are completely satisfied with our products and after sales service. Whether your order reaches you by land, air or sea, we aim to provide a reliable service and a quality product delivered on time.”

Dungannon Enterprise Centre offers a range of programmes for individuals and businesses considering changes in the future. The support reaches across every stage of the decision making process from those who have only just began considering setting up their own business to businesses that have been operating for years. Barry has worked hard with the centre over the past two years taking his business from the idea stage, through planning and initial set up and now is experiencing the rewards created through the growth of his business. So, whether you need help with your finances or taking on new staff, or you’re looking to promote your business and find new markets, the Enterprise Centre can offer the advice that’s right for you, right now. Your business can grow, if you talk to those who know.

Barry has experienced a lot of success since Ramko Hydraulic Cylinders was established and has many plans for further growth in the future. He intends to continue to make full use of the resources within the centre and would recommend people considering making this move speak to the advisors available in Dungannon Enterprise Centre.  For further information or advice on how to begin contact Alanna or Esther on 028 877 23489.

And the best part of all... It’s completely FREE!

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